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Working at Vine Tree Vets

  • Anna – "I came to Vine Tree six years ago after working at a range of different practices over my career. I can honestly say that Vine Tree is the friendliest, happiest place. Everyone is so supportive and helpful and it really is like having a second family looking out for you. There is encouragement to develop skills and go for certificates, or you can just be GP vet, whatever suits your stage in your career/family life. It is a beautiful area to live if you are looking to relocate and we have a varied social calendar with games nights, theatre trips, sunrise walks and so much more. Come and join our family!"

  • Laura – “I started at Vine Tree as a new grad and it has been the best place to start, and continue, my career. The team has a good mix of more experienced and newer graduate vets and nurses, so there is always support if needed, no matter how many years of experience you have. As a new graduate I was pushed just the right amount to develop as a clinician, while always having someone around to help or ask questions if/when I needed them. I have no plans to leave and know I’ll be fully supported as I start looking into a certificate/further education. The whole team is so friendly and social, we regularly do group dog walks, pub nights, or games nights. The team was so welcoming when I started, and despite moving alone to a completely new place, I never felt lonely because of my amazing colleagues. I cannot recommend working here enough, whatever stage of your career you’re at!”

  • Lauren - “Have you been looking for a picturesque place to live? Are you wanting a family team to scoop you up and have fun with?  
    Here at Vine Tree Vets we are one in a million! The views from our windows in our break room give you that all important flash to reality whether you’re coming up for a cuppa, a chat or that blasting-out-case-notes session.   
    We have a super welcoming team. The bond we have as a squad means we are always here to support each other. We always make sure everyone gets a good lunch break and try to ensure everyone goes home at the right time (although we do have some keenos who come in more - not to name any names). We pride ourselves on our team spirit and there’s always someone ready to chat through any worries we might have so that we share our lows and celebrate our highs altogether.  
    We love spending time with each other outside of work too. Our Christmas party was one of the highlights of the year- some highpoints included our annual awards, 2 team members “funnelling” a horrendous mixture of Baileys and who knows what else through a stomach tube and one of the group even went and bought a litre of alcohol to pass around for a dangerous crocodile related drinking games! We also have the most amazing sober socials that everyone loves to partake in. Amongst these include group walks in the beautiful local areas, Sunday lunch at garden centres, board games nights, karaoke nights and theatre trips!   
    I am, unfortunately, having to say goodbye to my Vine Tree family in January in order to pursue the big wide world of mixed practice. If I could have kept this team as my forever team then I would have in a heartbeat. If you’re the kind of person who thrives on this unique lifestyle, then don’t hesitate to enquire about applying!” 

  • Claire – “Being the most recent addition to the Vine Tree family, I can definitely say what a breath of fresh air it has been to be welcomed into this wonderful team. I had considered leaving the profession altogether, but Vine Tree has given me a renewed enthusiasm for vetting.  At the heart of Vine Tree is the sense of family - working together, supporting each other and with a great mix of youth and experience so we are sharing knowledge and developing on a daily basis. There is plenty of case discussions and support for those more complicated cases and a strong ethos of looking after the whole team. 

    There is also a great support team of nurses and receptionists who make the day run smoothly and ensure that everyone is kept well fed and watered (there is always a steady supply of cake, biscuits and generally pizza when the day doesn't quite go according to plan! My waistline is definitely not quite so impressed!)

    There is also plenty of time for out of work fun too - being situated within the beautiful Wye Valley and so close to the forest of Dean and also the Brecon Beacons being a short distance away there is always someone (and usually about 4 dogs) happy to join you for a walk. Other recent practice gatherings have included Christmas Wreath making and celebrating Oktoberfest.

    If you are looking for a new challenge do get in touch and come and visit the practice and meet the team.”

  • Emily – “I spent my first 2.5 years in practice at Vine Tree and couldn’t have asked for a better springboard for my career. The biggest contributing factor to my happiness here has been working with people I respect hugely and who I feel comfortable sharing the highs and lows of vet life with. No job is ever completely plain sailing but, on the days, when the seas get rough is where this team shines, we pull together, look after each other and I always look forward to coming back in the next day. Being in a beautiful semi-rural area really does expose you to everything in GP practice from the mundane to the weird and wonderful. Whilst I decided it was time for me to move on I feel more confident doing so because of the start I’ve had at Vine Tree. If I could pick up the practice, the team and (most of) the clients and plonk them in a different location I would in a heartbeat.”