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Facilities and Equipment

Our spacious practice has state-of-the-art facilities

Waiting room

Our spacious waiting room has separate areas for Dogs and Cats. We have a large range of Lily’s kitchen Dry and wet foods for both Dogs and Cats available to purchase. Please ask at reception.

Consultation Room

We have two consultation rooms, fully equipped with all the facilities to provide a comprehensive examination of your Pet. Our computers are linked centrally for direct access to full medical histories.

Dog Kennels

Dogs and Cats are hospitalised in separate rooms to reduce stress. Our spacious dog kennels provide a comfortable secure environment for your dog during their stay. The walk in Kennel is ideal for longer term patients or larger dogs. The design of the kennels means they can be deep cleaned between patients ensuring optimal hygiene.


Cats are housed away from dogs so as to provide a calm and quiet environment during their stay we us. The design and layout of the cattery ensures optimal hygiene and disease control. Positioned adjacent to the cattery is the exotic prep room which helps keep stress to a minimum when handling.

X-ray and Ultra Sound Suite

Fully equipped with a digital x-ray machine, providing high quality images to ensure accurate diagnostics. All these images are linked to each patient’s history enabling them to be viewed on all our computers. Our portable Ultra sound machine provides an additional diagnostic imaging tool.

Main Preparation Room

This spacious room is the hub and engine room of the surgery. Complete with two examination tables. We use this room for all initial surgical procedures and dentals. The other table doubles as a dental table. We are also fully equipped with ultra-sonic, descale, drills, and polishes. We have a wall mounted digital dental X-ray tube.

Within the preparation room all patients undergoing surgery are anesthetized and prepared prior to their procedure.

Operating Theatre

Our separate operating room is fully equipped with patient monitoring equipment, as well as soft tissue and orthopaedic surgical instruments.

We have both ridged and flexible endoscopy units, providing everything that is required to optimise the best treatment for your pet in our care.

Preparation Room Three

Our third preparation room is dedicated to providing extra diagnostic and treatment space. Within this space we also have specific cages designed for oxygen therapy medication, and incubation for critical patients.

Laboratory and Wash Room

Within this space all surgical instrument kits are packaged and sterilized prior to being available in the preparation rooms and the operating theatre.

We have both haematology and biochemistry, blood analysis, alongside both microscope and centrifuge. This comprehensive range of laboratory equipment means we can process all urine, blood fluid, and faeces samples in house ensuring a rapid diagnosis of many medical conditions.