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All about pins and needles rescue

Please beware: Due to the need to protect hedgehogs from infectious diseases, we are unable to take any hedgehogs until further notice. If you need help or advice for any hedgehogs found, please contact Vale Wildlife Centre. Helpline number: 01386 882288

At Vine Tree Vets we have set up the pins and needles rescue where our team of vets and nurses are dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of Hedgehogs.
Our Policy is to ensure all hedgehogs brought into our care are treated by the vets and nurses ensuring they become well enough to be released back into their own wild environment. Each Hedgehog is monitored and treated as required until it is able to move onto one of our dedicated foster carers before eventually being released back to the wild. 

Hedgehogs are easily stressed and suffer from shock, so only the minimum amount of contact is given, allowing the hedgehogs to be have the best chance of survival when released into their own environment. It is our strong ethical standing that if we feel, following examination that a return to the wild is unlikely to be achieved, the hedgehog would be euthanized on welfare grounds.

What to do if you find a hedgehog during daylight

A hedgehog who is out during the day is most likely to be unwell and may need medical attention.

With as little contact as possible the hedgehog should be placed into a box. This will avoid the hedgehog from becoming shocked. If possible the hedgehog should be covered with a towel or blanket which can help make it feel safer.

Please bring the hedgehog into the surgery, our vets will then treat and admit the hedgehog. If you have come across a nest, or accidently disturbed a nest, please do not move the Hogletts.

Hedgehog mothers are devoted to their young and will move them to a new nest. We would advise you to monitor the nest from a distance, ensuring you keep pets away and if you have any concerns then please do contact the surgery for more advise on: 01989 564687.

If you find a Hedgehog at night

If the hedgehog you have found presents no obvious injuries or illness we ask that you Do NOT TOUCH it.

Please monitor it from a distance, keep an eye on it and if you are still concerned in the morning please bring it along to the practice in towel and an open box for easy transport.

If you find a hedgehog that is obviously ill or has an injury, please put it in a box and cover it with a towel or blanket and bring it straight to the Practice, one of our vets will complete an examination and the hedgehog will be admitted.

Our Vets are available on call, out of hours and will be able to help with any concerns.